Mercedes Benz 1:18

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2014 Mercedes AMG GT-S

B6 696 0341- Internal designation: C190
- Years of construction: 2014
- Color: solarbeam
- Manufacturer: Norev

 photo 2014SLSGT01.jpg

 photo 2014SLSGT02.jpg

 photo 2014SLSGT03.jpg

 photo 2014SLSGT04.jpg

 photo 2014SLSGT05.jpg

 photo 2014SLSGT06.jpg

 photo 2014SLSGT07.jpg

 photo 2014SLSGT08.jpg

 photo 2014SLSGT09.jpg

 photo 2014SLSGT10.jpg

 photo 2014SLSGT11.jpg


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