Mercedes Benz 1:18

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2009 Mercedes SL class

Made by Maisto
Type : W230
Part number :
- SL550 : 31169 (red)
- SL63 AMG : 31168 (white)
- SL65 AMG : 36193 (black)

I did'nt split up these three cars, because I wanted to make a comparison between them. There's not much difference, even more the SL63 and 65 are almost identical.
I also would not spend a separate page on each car, because these 3 are by far the most disappointing diecasts I have bought latest years...Maisto did not put much effort into these cars...easy money I guess...

The black car comes with a hard top, but when I received the car, one end was glued and the other end not, so it was easy to turn it into a convertible

Just look by yourself...

Now some more in detail :

Front and foglights :

Taillights and exhaust :

Interior :

Seats :

Engine :

Rimms :

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