Mercedes Benz 1:18

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2008 C Estate Avantgarde

Made by AutoArt
Type : S204
Part number : B6 696 2352
Color : Tansanit blue
V6 engine (C320 CDI, C230, C280, C350)
Price : 64 € (USD 90)

Tansinit Blue - B6 696 2352
Tenorit Grey - B6 696 2353
Cubanit Silver - B6 696 2354

Interior :

Engine :

Trunk :

Top view :

Estate Elegance versus Avantgarde

Front :
Of course there is the different position of the Mercedes star (hood vs grill), chrome on the fog lights.

Back :
Only one difference : double exhaust pipes on the Avantgarde (has to do with the V6-engine).

Rims and suspension :
Perhaps it just my view, but I have the idea that the Avantgarde is just a little closer to the ground....

Engine :
V6 vs 4 in line...

Shot on the inside of the doorpanel..


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