Mercedes Benz 1:18

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2008 CLK Coupé DTM AMG Streetversion

Made by Kyosho
Type : A209
Part Number : B6 696 2271

Price : € 84

One of the first releases (and long expected ) releases of 2008.... and I have mixed feelings about this car...
It comes in the new Mercedes diecast box and has the AMG label printed on the front...

Exterior :

This time the paint is not what you would expect,(at least not on my model...I have a dull spot on the engine hood that I did not manage to remove properly. It's difficult to see, but it's there. Probably just a coincidence and its not that big, so I will not return the car..
Keeping this out of consideration, the exterior looks great...

Interior :

For once, a nicely detailed dashboard, carpet everywhere, dual-tone seats and detailed fabric 4-points seatbelts going through both seats and attached at the back of the car...Notice the fire extinguisher behind the passenger seat...Great job !!

Engine :

This is the downside of this car...little detail and they must have been thinking : "Black is beautiful"...

Trunk :

Opening trunk with photo etched logo, a big spoiler on top and carpet inside...

Some close ups....

Family shot :

Street :

Race :

Conclusion :

Looking at the 1:1, you have that 'wow' factor, but I do not get the same feeling with this's nicely done, but there is someting missing....wrong color ? The car does not have or show that aggressive look I like....Perhaps it's just me... On the other side : the interior looks just great, everything you want for a 1:18....Let's see what the cabrio version will bring us...

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