Mercedes Benz 1:18

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2006 GL Class Dealer edition

Made by Minichamps
Type : X164
Part number : B6 696 2334

It's a dealer edition I locally bought for 46 € (USD 58)....

The car is quite tall and heavy for a 1:18, and from the exterior it looks good. Nice chrome trimming all around, clear and realistic lights, fully opening and a double sunroof...That's the positive that can be said about this car...It looks great from the outside...The inside is something completely different (IMHO) carpet, cheap looking plastics and only some paint used to show where you can find the GPS system, non realistic wood-trimming on the dashboard and doors....and the worst : this car has by far the cheapest engine I've ever seen : just a plastic printed black plate, no wiring, little detail and a total absence of any paint to show a little detail....disappointing for a Minichamps or should I say 'just another "cheap" dealer edition ordered by Mercedes Benz' ?? (eg their latest S-class...)

Exterior :

Interior :


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