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2005 CLS 500

Made by Kyosho
Type :
Part number :08401BK

The 2004 CLS was previously released by Maisto, but is now re-released by Kyosho.
Price : 60 Euro ($ 72,00).

The box has a picture of all 3 colors that have been released.
08401BK : Black
08401DGY : Dark Grey
08401LBE : Light Beige (Gold)

Exterior : Nice paint job. The metallic black paint is flawlessly applied all over the model. There are no flakes visible, even in macro modus. The car has four opening doors, trunk and engine hood. No dogleg-hinges. There are no gaps visible on the opening parts. Everything closes very tight. Five spoke wheels with visible brake discs and calipers which are not attached to the discs. Contrary to Maisto's, the wheels are not marked.

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The front of the car has nicely finished Xenon lights, no attachment point visible.The raster between the two foglights is perforated, while the front grille is chromed.Chrome work around the car is amazing..front, around the doors and the trunk. The car has all the windows closed (Maisto : open front windows). The turning light indicators on the rearview mirrors are separately attached and there are no attachment points visible here....The back of the car has photo etched parts (CLS500-symbol), no licence plate and fine chromed exhaust pipes. The back lights are amazingly detailed. No suspension present on the wheels.

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The engine compartent is also nicely detailed. There is wiring visible and some parts are painted. Mercedes Benz is written in silver on the enginecover.

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The interior of the car is very detailed. The door hinges are not prominent visible. Mercedes Benz is written on the door step at both sides. Carpet on the floor and a lot of detail on the dashboard and instrument panel. The wood trim is very realistic and present on dashboard and console. No wood on the doors. Seats are plastic and leather-like. Window and seat controls are visible on both doors. Seatbelts are difficult to be seen, but made out of fabric on front and backseats.

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The trunk is carpeted with the presence of a ski-hatch (?) in the back.

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Overall this CLS has a better finish line than his Maisto brother (or sister). A lot more detail, especially interior. The red interior matches the black exterior perfectly. If you look at the Kyosho and the Maisto next to each other, it s very easy to tell which is which.....

If you want to buy a CLS, spend a little more money and take the Kyosho, you won't be disappointed.....

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