Mercedes Benz 1:18

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1957 190SL

Made by Maisto
Type : W121
Part number : 31824

The principle of creating a new car with already existing assemblies was applied not only to the 300 SL ; a sporty model – the 190 SL – was developed in the same way, on the basis of the 180.(105 hp and 5700 t/m). The max speed was 170 km/h (106 mph) and it was fitted with a four cylinder engine with a capacity of 1897 cubic centimeters (= ‘190’ SL or 1.9 liters). This car could be bought as a roadster with a convertible soft top or a coupé with removable hard top. The 190 SL was the ‘popular’ version of the 300 SL. The cost of it was only half of the 300 SL. 25,881 cars were produced until 1963 …

Engine :

Interior :

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